Since 1968 Frank Martino has been involved in mining and construction camp services. After years of working in the most remote areas for large and small projects the biggest frustration was always the limitations of infrastructure and facilities provided to service the personnel on site.

A New Concept

APC has a total new concept and approach to camp facilities and infrastructure solutions. We believe camp solutions need to be strong and robust, user-friendly, and maintenance free to provide the best level of comfort and degree of safety possible to camp residents.

The insight received through years of frustrated camp occupation are reflected in the new kitchens designs that result from the practical “hands on” experience gained as a chef and not as a “disconnected” draftsman.

All APC accommodation, offices, kitchens, laundries, wet-mess, and other buildings are designed in a modularised package to maximise and utilise space and efficiency, hence achieving the utmost comfort and productivity levels possible.

At APC we consider each project with its individual needs and requirements. We design and build every camp module specifically to suit the project and to exceed our client expectations whilst remaining within the project budget.

The ‘All In One’ Solution

APC is your “total camp solution” able to provide a complete package without having to rely on third party providers or sub-contractors. This way there are no delays or complications that may arise from the involvement of other parties and thus takes the pressure off of having to coordinate multiple providers or contractors.

We provide all the equipment and services needed and where necessary will engineer dedicated new solutions on the spot, always being willing to create answers where others aren’t able. This includes, earth moving, excavation, concreting equipment, and all other required heavy plant and machinery.

No other company can equal APC in Australia to provide you with a complete package of transport, manufacture, installation, maintenance and all other camp support services.

APC have a strong commitment to safety and innovation and we pride ourselves on our track record in these areas. We are always looking at deploying the latest ideas and technologies into our camp solutions, including purpose designed and manufactured products from Australia and abroad.

Our research and development heads towards always improving new ways and standards for the camps we provide so you can be assured of the latest innovations being included in our camp solutions.

A Personal Touch

Seeking to maintain a personal feel, APC is a family company where Frank oversee first-hand the entire operation and will take you personally through the necessary steps from inception to commissioning of each camp project.

Frank is always on the front line for each project mobilisation and site installation to guarantee that all work complies to the project requirements, specifications, safety and environmental needs.

APC has developed and built up a team of dedicated professional people that are committed to providing you with the best possible service beyond your expectation, and their approach and professional attitude is that “there is nothing impossible for APC to do”.

Contact APC today where Frank will be more than pleased to be meet with you and discuss your project camp requirements and provide you with a complete packaged, hassle free solution.