Our safety vision is “Work safe today – Enjoy tomorrow”.


Leadership and commitment to WHS&E and endorsing a culture where safety is based on ethical conduct, mutual trust and teamwork; incorporating the value of “Work safe today – Enjoy tomorrow”.


Australian Portable Camps believes its people are its greatest assets and views safety as the foundation stone to its success as one of Australia’s leading providers of remote site accommodation infrastructure. Driven by customer requirements, along with state and federal legislation, APC has developed a robust safety culture with an underlying vision of zero harm.

Through a commitment to consult with its stakeholders, employees, clients and safety regulators, all safety activities are innovative, flexible and tailored to fit the range of challenges encountered in remote locations and at its manufacturing hub at Monarto in South Australia.

APC’s safety and environmental vision is realized through:

  • Leadership and commitment to OHS&E at all levels within the organization implemented through APC’s OHS&E Management Plan
  • A team of highly skilled and experienced in-house  safety professionals who remain focused on APC’s safety vision of “work safe today – enjoy tomorrow”
  • Endorsing a culture where safety is based on ethical conduct, mutual trust and teamwork
  • Utilizing best practice methodology and recognizing continuous improvement practices
  • Development, implementation, auditing and maintenance of safety policies and procedures integrated with a quality management system
  • A commitment to training and advancement of all personnel to enable consistent safe work practices
  • Striving at all times  to conduct its activities in a manner that protects its employees and the environment from harm
  • Encouraging its employees to contribute to the safety culture through the use of daily tool box meetings, its various risk management systems (JHA’s, Take 5’s, permits to work and hazard reporting systems)
  • Regularly measuring its safety performance through statistical and data analysis and informed and measured responses to adverse trends