Our Team

At Australian Portable Camps, we believe that success is built on the strength of our team. Our diverse and dedicated group of professionals brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to everything we do. Get to know the individuals who drive our mission forward.

Visionary leader, director of Australian Portable Camps, transforming outdoor experiences with innovation and excellence

David Hossack

WHSE Manager
Diligent WHSE Safety Manager at Australian Portable Camps, ensuring a secure and compliant environment
APC team

Lloyd Anderson

Business Development Manager
Dynamic Business Development Manager at Australian Portable Camps, driving growth and forging strategic partnerships
APC team

Rohan Leatch

Senior Project Engineer
Project Engineer at Australian Portable Camps, orchestrating seamless project execution with expertise
APC team

Nathan Forrest

Project Engineer
Proficient Project Engineer at Australian Portable Camps, spearheading innovation and precision in every project
APC Team

Tracey Lawson

Finance Administration
Finance Administration expert at Australian Portable Camps, ensuring financial stability and efficiency with precision
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Looking for a challenging and rewarding career? Consider working with Australian portable camps. These camps are essential for providing accommodation and support to workers in remote areas, creating a growing demand for skilled professionals. Working in this industry offers competitive salaries and benefits, job security, and a collaborative work environment. Plus, there’s the opportunity for travel and adventure in remote locations. Joining the portable camps industry means being part of a growing and evolving industry that is vital to Australia’s economy.