Our Services

Australian Portable Camp offers seamless services and solutions for remote workforce camps and portable camp  facilities, ensuring uninterrupted operations and services.


Camp Maintenance

Australian Portable Camps Offers Portable Camps Maintenance For All Sizes Of Projects To Ensure Projects Runs Smoothly And Efficiently

Logistics And Relocation

To ensure all deliveries, arrive on site on time and every time, we own and operate our own transport fleet, Our vast fleet is...

Manufacturing And Engineering

We offer a wide range of building types and designs as well as a custom-design option, depending on your needs. As part of our...
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Australian Portable Camps offers comprehensive solutions for running remote camps, providing all the essential utilities necessary for a seamless and efficient operation. Our offerings...
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Water And Waste

Australian Portable Camps water and wastewater treatment plants provide the quickest, most reliable, easily maintainable and cost-effective solutions to water and waste throughout the...


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.