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Western Range

Western Range project is one of the biggest project APC has accomplished in 8months. APC has manufactured 1600 man camp along with all types of facilities and management.

Wallaby Creek

Wallaby Creek project, located in the beautiful region of Queensland, is a comprehensive and meticulously planned accommodation facility that has been successfully completed. This camp has been designed to provide a comfortable and functional living environment for up to 199 individuals, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction during their stay.


The Yamarna Gas Pipeline project, situated in the scenic landscape of Western Australia, has been successfully completed and is a testament to our commitment to excellence in providing essential infrastructure. This state-of-the-art camp facility accommodates up to 200 individuals, offering them comfort and convenience while contributing to the success of…

Arcadia Valley

The Arcadia Valley project, located in the picturesque Queensland region of Australia, represents another successfully completed endeavor by Australian Portable Camps (APC). This 199-man camp project was executed to perfection, providing a range of vital amenities to cater to the workforce’s needs.

Temporary Workers Camp

The Temporary Workers Camp in New Zealand, a project undertaken by Australian Portable Camps (APC), stands as a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive camp solutions. This 300-man camp project has been successfully completed, offering essential amenities to cater to the workforce’s needs. Our supply encompassed comfortable accommodation, well-equipped…