A creative team of designers transforming concepts into reality.

Our dedicated team, consisting of a range of experienced and professional engineers and designers, are available to assist the customers reach their project design goals. Camps are designed and manufactured to current Australian Standards, APC is an ISO9001 certified company.

APC’s team of designers are committed to delivering professional engineering services that transform concept into reality. Designing camp site solutions to cater for any size, location and time frame with a strong focus on sustainability. With such specific and unique accommodation and camp site requests, APC has set new standards and innovation throughout Australia.

Product Design Engineering(3D) & FEA analysis

  • Component Design
  • Structural Design & detailing, including load calculations
  • Research & Development


2D construction plans & drawings

  • Preliminary Concept Sketches
  • Construction drawings
  • “AS-BUILT” drawings

Electrical Engineering & Design

  • Single line diagrams
  • General Arrangements
  • Cable & I/O schedules
  • Schematics

Hydraulic Engineering & Design

  • Hydraulic Design
  • Piping & Instrumentation diagrams
  • Process Flow diagrams
  • General Arrangment Drawings