Australian Portable Camps aims to ensure that all activities conducted by its representatives are undertaken with a responsive duty of care towards the environment and the communities within. Australian Portable Camps has a commitment to utilising strategic leadership, community engagement and innovation to strengthen the communities and environment.

Australian Portable Camps is working towards a brighter, greener and more successful future.


We’re committed to supporting a sustainable future for our business, clients, stakeholders and the wider community. We implement environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient processes and materials to reduce any impact we may have on the environment and minimise our carbon footprint.

Often working within environmentally sensitive, difficult and remote locations we work closely with our clients, stakeholders and the relevant authorities to assess and alleviate the environmental risks of every project. We focus on sustainability throughout all business practices – from design and manufacture, through to logistics, construction, operations and maintenance.

To remain focused on efficiency we regularly conduct research and development on initiatives to ensure environmental sensitivity and sustainability on all our worksites. Recent initiatives include the employment of an industrial chemist, the construction of a temporary laboratory, installation of a pilot magnesium board plant and the fabrication of test rigs.