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Looking for a challenging and rewarding career? Consider working with Australian portable camps. These camps are essential for providing accommodation and support to workers in remote areas, creating a growing demand for skilled professionals. Working in this industry offers competitive salaries and benefits, job security, and a collaborative work environment. Plus, there’s the opportunity for travel and adventure in remote locations. Joining the portable camps industry means being part of a growing and evolving industry that is vital to Australia’s economy. You’ll work alongside a talented, friendly, diverse group of people who all love to learn new things and deliver client value.

Our Values

We believe in caring and considerate for our employees, customer, suppliers, the community and the environment with the following values.


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching


Exemplify responsibility in all job-related actions


Connecting clearly, fostering understanding, achieving goals


Crafting inventive solutions, driving progress, embracing positive change

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