Work-Force Camp & Maintenance

APC excel in workforce camp manufacturing and maintenance, delivering top-quality solutions for remote sites, ensuring operational excellence.

Manufacturing & Engineering

APC blend precision manufacturing and engineering expertise, creating cutting-edge solutions for versatile, portable remote accommodation

Water And Waste & Utility

Australian portable camps provide comprehensive water and utility services, ensuring reliable access to essential resources in remote locations

Camp Logistics & Relocation

Australian portable camps offer seamless logistics and relocation services, simplifying the process of setting up and moving your operations efficiently

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We Are The Leading Portable
Camp Manufacturer In Australia

Australian Portable Camps was founded in 2001 by Frank Martino. Australian Portable Camps operates from a purpose-built manufacturing plant covering 160 acres, including 72,000 m2 of undercover production lines, in Monarto South Australia.

Our complete camp solutions – including portable living units, infrastructure and other facilities – are strong and robust, user-friendly, and maintenance free.  Our focus on quality materials and clever design means we provide the best level of comfort and degree of safety possible to residents. 


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"Over 23 Years of Excellence: Serving the Oil, Gas, and Mining Industries with Honor and Accomplishment"

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Australian Portable Camps solutions feature strong, user-friendly, maintenance-free design, emphasizing quality materials for residents' optimal comfort and safety.
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Our Process

Australian Portable Camps is a vertically-integrated supplier of efficient and innovative modular construction and complete camp solutions throughout Australia. “Our in-house capabilities, expertise, and equipment make us a single-source solution for every aspect of the supply process. This allows us to maintain superior control over costs, scheduling, and quality, offering clients a comprehensive end-to-end solution.”

One Stop Shop

Complete Portable Camp and remote workforce camp solution. Water - Utility - Portable Camp - Maintenance - Transport

Own Fleet

APC operate and deliver to remote location using our own fleet reducing subcontractors cost at all time for better project goals


To us safety is more than just working safely on site it's also about high quality durable products


We focus on from design and manufacture, through to logistics, construction, operations and maintenance

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Australian Portable Camps aims to offer creative, economical, and trustworthy portable camp solutions that cater to the distinct requirements of clients across various industries such as mining, construction, and emergency services. The organization is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and prioritizing safety, quality, and sustainability

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The strategic aim is to implement groundbreaking solutions that simplify site construction, reduce project costs, minimize risk, and enhance reliability. 

Customized Solutions: We tailor our solutions to meet your specific project requirements, considering environmental factors, local conditions, and client specifications.

Innovative Design: Our team of experts collaborates to create innovative designs that maximize efficiency and effectiveness, whether it's water treatment, flood containment, fire protection, or modular construction.

Quality Manufacturing: With in-house capabilities and partnerships with leading suppliers, we ensure the highest quality components and systems, delivering durability and reliability.

Continuous Improvement: We invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of our industry, continually enhancing our solutions and adapting to evolving challenges.



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Our Teams

Our dedicated team of professionals brings expertise, passion, and commitment to every project, ensuring excellence in every endeavor."


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.