Recycled Water / Potable Water - Australian Portable Camps

water_treatmentAPC Water Division have a world class water design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance team

Excellence in safety, engineering, science, steel & plastic fabrication, plumbing and electrical is a credit to the quality of tradespeople, scientists and engineers in the APC Water Division.  The APC design team proudly have world class recognition of expertise in best practice water science and engineering.

Our water and waste water treatment networks provide the quickest, most easily maintainable solutions to water and waste throughout the camp. These can range from basic water filtration in areas where water is readily available, through to reverse osmosis plants where there are only high salinity water sources available.

Our waste water treatment plants use membrane bioreactor technology for filtration providing efficient, fast processing of waste water from the camp, allowing our systems to process large volumes for their particular size. The membrane bioreactor is easier to maintain, less prone to malfunction and creates cheaper running costs.