Buildings - Australian Portable Camps


APC’s innovative design and construction allows our clients a wide choice of buildings to fulfill their specific accommodation needs.

A standard building size of 15.5 m x 3.4 m reduces construction times and supports efficiency in transport logistics.

The standard accommodation module features four rooms, each with en-suite.

The buildings are produced as standard for single-storey use, however there is an option for two-storey complexes where site restrictions apply at particular locations.

With the complete construction process occurring at our Monarto Facility, APC is your ‘all in one’ camp accommodation provider.

Core Camp

Kitchens / Dry Mess

APC manufacture kitchens ranging from exploration camp size (1-25 persons), to large permenant camps (1-1000 persons).

Kitchens can be designed and built to client specifications in order to accommodate varying numbers in the dining area.

The kitchens include a range of appliances, which are able to be adjusted to suite the needs of the caterer or the client.

Refrigerators, freezes and dry stores are built into the kitchen facilities for ease of access.

Each design is ergonomically and user friendly, in order to create a safe efficient work space for catering, while always meeting the highest levels of health and environmental standards.
(Tables and chairs for the required numbers are a standard inclusion)

For more information see – Refrigeration / Dry Store

Bar Facility / Wet Mess

APC modular designs are able to incorporate specific client preferences.

Bar facilities feature large refrigerated storage areas and can provide a range of entertainment such as table tennis, darts, 8-ball, fussball and air hockey.
(Tables and chairs for numbers required are a standard inclusion)


A standard APC laundry design consists of 10 washers and 10 driers per module, with a linen or chemical store located at one end.

Laundry installations are spread over the camp area in larger installations for ease of access.

Industrial laundries can be built upon request.

Ablution Block

APC ablution blocks are available in varying styles, from modules containing only toilets, to combination showers/toilets and laundries/office/toilet.

Non standard facilities can be designed on request.

Store Rooms

Most camps require additional store rooms for lockers and baggage storage etc. and these are available to meet specific needs.


APC provides office units ranging from single modules through to complex modular designs with as much space and as many rooms necessary for the particular project.

Standard office sizes generally range from one module through to complexed five module solutions.

Entertainment Room / Gym

TV rooms can be single unit through to larger modular designs and can be furnished to any level.

T.V. / Projector sizes vary and can be specified by the client.

Communications Room

Communications/specialised equipment modules can be built to any specification to safely house sensitive equipment for use and transport.

These systems can be ordered complete and ready to connect to satellite services, including but not limited to foxtel and internet or provided as shells, for fit out on location.

First Aid

Standard first aid rooms are a single building with waiting room, treatment area, shower toilet and living quarters for the first aid/paramedics working on-site.

First Aid buildings can be fully furnished or supplied as a shell for the client to fit out as required.

Combination Buildings / LOTS

APC offers single module combination buildings for smaller mining and exploration camps, with the “LOTS”  building including  laundry office toilet shower within the one module to reduce transport costs.

Combinations of rooms in these buildings can be chosen by the client upon request.